International Payroll & Taxation Management Services

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International Payroll & Taxation Management Services


Aldelia are a leading provider of payroll and taxation services to the Oil & Gas sector, with a highly successful track record. Payroll and Taxation Management is about more than just ‘handling your payroll’. We will actually become your payroll department; getting under the skin of your business to understand who you are, what you do and what you need.

We work throughout the world and are regarded as a leader in the industry, with expertise and knowledge we are able to drive greater levels of efficiency for our clients’ who range from Oil & Gas majors to Operators and small industry service support companies.

Over the past eight years of operating, Aldelia have developed a robust and efficient International Payroll and Taxation Management Service in some of the most difficult legislative and taxation environments that exist. When coupled with the highly complex challenge of managing payroll in such a fast paced business environment, the global mobility of employees and the international geographic spread of operations, these factors make businesses find sourcing reputable international payroll providers themselves an onerous and challenging task.

Add in the administrative challenges of co-ordinating many different international payrolls and the potential language barriers posed by employing contract workers from diverse countries it’s easy to see why many companies look to outsource their local and international payroll.

Our regional and in-country multi-lingual service teams supported by a highly professional and motivated payroll processing team based in the London HQ ensure that the intrinsic difficulties of currency management, timesheet submissions & authorisation and taxation are dealt with quietly and efficiently, allowing our clients’  to focus on their core deliverables with a workforce who are confident that they will be paid on time every time and that all personal and corporate taxation matters are correctly processed. The service delivery includes:

  • English or Native speaking point of contact
  • Stringent setup procedures, minimising the potential for costly errors
  • Registration with local tax authorities
  • Payments to employees and 3rd parties on your behalf inclusive of per diems and expenses  so there is no need for a separate funds transfer service
  • Production of payslips and all necessary statutory reports
  • Full compliance with all relevant payroll legislation in each locale