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Lab Analysis Engineer


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Job description.


Provide technical support and troubleshooting of the lab analysis, strengthen the management of lab analysis process, ensure lab analysis working corrective and effectively. Ensure lab analysis process and equipment meet requirement. Supervise and coordinate all the activities in lab to ensure the safety.

Key Accountabilities and Objectives/Results  

  • Review lab analysis procedure and make adjustment if necessary to enhance lab analysis quality. Responsible for the safety of lab activities. Prepare for the draft of lab management regulation.

  • Supervise and manage lab analysis works, including but not limited:

    -oil salt content; - BS&W; - dew point; - gas composition; -H2S content;-COD; - BOD; - SRB; - O2 in water; - OIW;-Scale and corrosion residual analysis, TDS, etc.
  • Organize section operators to focus on the equipments routine check and calibration, responsible for the lab analysis data collection, checking and input into database timely and correctly. Cooperate with other departments for the process trouble shooting activities. Responsible for the equipment calibration certificates.
  • Supervise and audit section operators routine job and handover work, include:

    - Routine log book/sheet

    - Time sheet

    - Handover log book
  • Train the section employee to make sure they are qualified with the specific work.
  • Equipment status log management, report malfunction equipments, initiate work orders and trace equipments calibration progress.
  • Manage equipments in lab including timely calibrate equipments, provide spare parts list for procurement, troubleshooting equipment failure reasons, etc.
  • Establish consumption material inventory, keep it up to date and accurate, and review lab chemical and daily consumption every day. Assist on the chemical onsite trial and performance evaluation.
  • Timely submit lab analysis report, review lab analysis report, ensure all input data are correct and reasonable, and strictly follow information secrecy policy.
  • Establish and timely update operating procedure, operation manual and other management documents.
  • Collect all MSDS and make sure them are updated. 
  • Ensure responsible area is clean and in a good order.
  • Set up safety team, organize safety campaign, and engage in safety drill and safety response, in order to ensure process and personnel safety, enhance personnel ability on handling emergency.

Education Background

Junior college or above degree with the major of petroleum analysis or related discipline etc.


Work Experience

More than 10 years lab analysis working experience.

Have the working experience of lab equipments operation including oil, water and gas analysis field.

Have the basic knowledge of the petroleum processing.

Be familiar with chemicals used in oilfield.

Have good problem solving skill.

Capable to speak English and Arabic.

Be good at office software.

Age less than 40 is preferred.

Ability to work within a diverse culture environment.

Good team work abilities and follow instruction from line manager.